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Musos /Mew-zoes/ n. People whose activities concern music

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Musowiki helps Musos of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability find the best services to develop. Whether you need tips on songwriting, instructions on how to play bass (or where to buy one) or the help of a lawyer and manager, you can find them and lots more here.

People who help Musos can list your services for free - instructions are here.

Musowiki is a global open network - all information, images and pages here have been supplied by Musos. Musos wanting help or advice are free to search the site and make the most of the listings, comments and ratings of these services. Even better, you can share your experiences with other musos - if the company did good things for you, say so! If they let you down, warn other Musos.

This is NOT a list of bands and musicians. There are plenty of those websites listed here and here. Entries directly related to individual acts will be deleted.

So, what do you need help with?

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The A-Z listing is here.

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